Cochon Byob: Hearty French Food In Philadelphia

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German Chancellor Merkel and french presidents Sarkozy have announced they’ll proposed important changes to to select the eurozone will operate by month end.

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I’m i was French in an early life. I adore French kissing, french president’s residence, French films, the city of Paris, the beautiful French language — and French nobility, so over-the-top in every way, whether it was religious fanaticism within the Ages or pre-Revolutionary pleasure.

But then with the Lefties responsible for all of the burying of facts, when those facts do not comport with Liberal ideology, the facts always are neatly buried at the bottom of the heap of ideological lies the Lefties pile upon them.

The dollar has been putting pressure on the Euro all of the last couple of weeks partly a new result of the debt deal. Oughout.S. treasury yields go up immensely.